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Is there a hidden treasure hiding in your home or barn? FIND OUT NOW!

Certified Antiques Appraiser

What is considered ANTIQUE?

Most antique appraisers consider an antique as any item at least 100 years old; however, many believe an antique can be 50 years old.

String instruments made before 1800, carpets before 1700, and other items before 1830 are considered antique by most federal government agencies. 

Why should I get an appraisal?

People get appraisals for all sorts of reasons. Here are just a few questions an appraisal might answer-

Is Great-Grandma's bureau worth anything? How old is this card table I found at a yard sale? Would this cabinet be worth restoring? Is this candle stand Colonial or Victorian Revival? How much should I bid on this desk? Is this a Chippendale chair? What can you tell me about Uncle Joe's chest? Did I pay too much for this bookcase? What price should I sell this old sofa for? Is this a Queen Anne period highboy? Is this mirror Victorian? Is $200 too much to pay for this Early American chest? Is my upholstered chair Sheraton, Hepplewhite, or Duncan Phyfe? 

Getting an appraisal is quick and easy. Answer a few questions, upload some pictures, and you're done. You never have to leave your home or transport your antique anywhere. It's perfect for those large, heavy items.

You'll receive an appraisal by email, usually within 48 hours.

I also offer a regular mail option for those who would rather receive their appraisal by mail.

If I have any little tidbits or historical information on your item, I will include it with my appraisal.

So, when you're ready to get started, just click "GET APPRAISAL" at the top of this page.

Recently Appraised Items

Specializing in Early American furniture. Colonial-Jacobean, William and Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Duncan Phyfe, Adam, Federal, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, American Directory, American Empire, Victorian (Spool, Louis XV, Gothic, Cottage, Renaissance, Eastlake, Mission, Golden Oak)